About Dustin

While president of the QCC chess club, I was also living on a farm as a barn-hand and loading trucks. After three months of loading, I earned a promotion to training supervision to replicate my results with new hires. Over the next 2 years as a supervisor I took on special projects and implemented new training and optimization processes. This experience took advantage of my fast learning and coaching abilities to bring the rest of the management team up to speed.

My strengths in taking on special projects showed I was ready for more responsibility and was offered a Division level Industrial Engineering position. During my 4 years in this position it was my responsibility for staying ahead of volume trends and implementing solutions to increase network efficiency. I revolutionized the position by creating a community tool that combined 3 sources of data that updated in close to real time.

After 6 years I hit a ceiling and my advancement slowed down but I was ready for new challenges. I left to work for a local business owner with 40 years of experience for a 3 month apprenticeship to free up the owner to work on the business more during a growth stage. During this crash course in entrepreneurship I gained an invaluable view of the kind of dedication it takes to build and manage a business. I was hooked.

I now combine by farmhand work ethic, abilities to learn and train fast, data analytics experience, and out of the box thinking to help small businesses stay on top of consumer trends with Social Media. My methods and models have been tailored to the business owners of Worcester, MA based on consistent feedback. Keep scrolling to learn how I can give your business the tools to stay relevant in an ever changing tech climate.

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Our Proven Process Produces Results


Who is your perfect customer? What do they like most about your business and how do they like to engage with it?


People want transparency when they see you and your business online. We document what you’re best at and show it to the world.


Followers will drop off if you aren’t mixing it up. We stay creative to keep your feed from getting stale.


All of this testing gathers valuable data. You remember your perfect customer? We now know exactly who that is and what they like to see.


We adapt to the battlefield by redesigning our strategies to stay ahead of trends. Checkmate.

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